The Park House Food

All of The Park House food items are made to order by the Falafel Master himself when you order them. Parties of 5 or more please call ahead. We appreciate your patience and encourage you to grab some free popcorn and peanuts or order some hummus as an appetizer.

Weekly Specials

Tuesdays: Falafel in a pita only $5 from 5 until 11

Thursday: Park House Gyro only $5 from 5 until 11


Fries …. $2.00
Your choice of regular, seasoned, or sweet potato fries

Add Cheese …. $1.50
American, Mozzarella, or Swiss

Add Bacon …. $2.00
bacon, bacon, bacon, mmmm bacon

Add Fried Egg …. $1.50


The Park House is now selling pierogies!

3 pierogies …. $6.95

6 pierogies …. $11.95

Z-Hummus …. $5.95
Our expertly homemade hummus (made by the Falafel Master himself) garnished with olive oil & paprika and served with pita

Mediterranean Pita Pizza …. $6.95
Heated Pita topped with hummus, tomatoes, chives, melted mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil and basil

Falafel Master …. $7.45
Falafel, Israeli style Salad, kosher pickle chips mixed with hummus and served in a pita pocket with a side of Tzatziki sauce.

Park House Gyro …. $7.45
Pita filled with grilled lamb, Israeli style salad, kosher pickle chips with a side of Tzatziki sauce

My Big Fat Pita …. $7.95
Pita stuffed with lightly fried eggplant, potato latke, Israeli style salad, kosher pickle chips, fried egg & hummus served with a side of Tzatziki sauce

Naked Falafel …. $6.95
Basket filled with falafels and served with Tzatziki sauce for dipping.

Kip (chicken) Sate ku pinda saus …. $7.45
2 skewers with grilled chicken breast served with a spicy peanut sauce.


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