This week at the Park House December 12, 2011

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ENTERTAINMENT: Tuesday December 13 @ 8:00PM… RADICAL TRIVIA!! with  JEREMY!! Test your knowledge and trivia skills and WIN $25 OFF!! your favorite yummy food & drinks  at the Park House!! RADICAL


John Denver tribute band @ Park House July 1st

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Love John Denver songs, like Take Me Home, Country Roads and Rocky Mountain High?  Colorado-based John Adams and his John Denver tribute band perform one night in Pittsburgh, while traveling


This week at the Park House 4-28

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ENTERTAINMENT~ ISHTAR returns to the Park House on Saturday May 1st at 9:00pm with BELLY DANCERS!!!!  ISHTAR plays lively Middle Eastern music that is high energy and lots of fun….and who


This week at the Park House 4/21

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ENTERTAINMENT~ This Saturday GREAT SHOW with Northside’s… BREWER’S ROW…. their first time  performing at the Park House!… with special guest Ricardo Iamuuri. Show starts at 9:30pm and it’s FREE!!!…like the


This week at the Park House 4/7

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ENTERTAINMENT~ Saturday night at 9:30 BLUES at the Park House with Northside’s music talent of DAVE YOHO and the YINZIDE OUT…featuring  CHIZMO CHARLES!! Really awesome blues sound…check out Dave’s music


Passover/Easter week at the Park House 3/30

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ENTERTAINMENT~> Saturday April 3rd  at 9:30pm…before the Easter bunny arrives…. join us for the musical talent of  the ARMADILLOS playing  folk/ rock/ americana. Check them out on their My Space page: 


This week at the Park House: 3/18/2010

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Aye Park House lads & lassies~ It is “I”, the Northside’s only “Jewish Leprechaun”, hoping you had a HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!! By the way, do you know what a Jewish


This coming St. Paddy’s Day weekend

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Hola Park House fans! It is “I”,  the Northside’s only Jewish leprechaun… and this weekend I will be wearing my official St. Paddy’s Day t-shirt to prove it!    


This week at the Park House

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Hola Park House fans… or as Slim Forsythe would say… Howdy pilgrims! ENTERTAINMENT: That’s right, this Saturday night our live concert will feature …SLIM FORSYTHE and the PARKLANE DRIFTERS starting


this week at the Park House 2/24/10

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Hola Park House fans~ A big thank you to ISHTAR for a fantastic show this past Saturday night. Their music put everyone in the mood to eat middle eastern food….no