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Tuesday, October 21 @ 8:00PM: RADICAL TRIVIA! Has been CANCELLED. Wednesday, October 22 @ 9:00PM: BLUEGRASS JAM with SHELF LIFE STRING BAND! YUENGLING 16 oz DRAFT for $2 from 9 to


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May/12 By

Tuesday, May 13 @ 8:00PM: RADICAL TRIVIA!!   Play to win $$$ OFF… your bar tab!! Wednesday, May 14 @ 9:00PM: BLUEGRASS JAM with SHELF LIFE STRING BAND… & the return of SLSB  founder &  banjo


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Oct/14 By

Tuesday, Oct. 15 @ 8:00PM:  RADICAL TRIVIA!!    with Jeremy! Don’t “google” use  your ”noodle” and  win $$$ off  your Bar Tab!!   YUENGLING 24oz CANS for $3.50 from 8 ~ 12:00!!  Radical Trivia every Tuesday at the Park House!!   Happy Birthday to the falafelmaster!! Wednesday, Oct. 16 @ 9:00PM:  


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Tuesday, May 7 @ 8:30PM: RADICAL TRIVIA!! with Jeremy! Don’t “google” use  your ”noodle” and  win $$$ off  your Bar Tab!! YUENGLING 24oz  CANS  for $3.50  from 8 ~ 12:00AM!    Radical Trivia every Tuesday at the Park House!!  ~>And ….come watch & cheer  for the Pens in the play-offs!!!  Wednesday,