Park House happenings~>>

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Tuesday, April 7 @ 8:00PM: TOP of the LINE MUSIC TRIVIA … hosted by Michael!! Play to win $$$ off your BAR TAB!   Wednesday, April 8 @ 9:00PM:  BLUEGRASS JAM with SHELF LIFE STRING BAND!!   YUENGLING 16


This week at the Park House: Jan 21, 2010

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Hola park house loyalists!! This is the official first letter of the park house through the  Park House website. woohoo!!                    


Beagle Brothers band here on Sat., Jan. 23rd

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Starting at 9:30 pm The Beagle Brothers perform here at the Park House until 12:30. On MySpace they describe themselves as “The two-steppin’, country, Eastern sound that all the kids