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Park House recommended by CBS Pittsburgh


First, here’s what CBS Pittsburgh says about the Park House…

• One of 5 Best Bars With History In Pittsburgh

• One of 5 Best Secret Bars In Pittsburgh


Your Reviews

This is my favorite North Side neighborhood bar. It’s convenient to the sports stadiums and the North Side cultural attractions… and it’s the only place in town where you’re encouraged to gorge yourself on free peanuts and fling the shells on the floor… The Park House prides itself on its strong selection of microbrews and craft beers, especially local beers… The interior of the bar is welcoming and classic, with heavy wooden bar and booths/tables, and a painted tin ceiling. The owner and all the bartenders are super-friendly and nice people… All in all, it’s my favorite spot to get a beer or three and watch some football. —Kat S. on Yelp


Great neighborhood bar. Nice place to go anytime, before or after a Pirates or Steelers game or before or after a visit to the Warhol, Mattress Factory, Aviary, etc. Great selection of micro/local craft and import specialty beer at low prices… Great tabouli and hummus. Good fish sandwich. I love this place. Another reason to come to the North Side. —Steve M. on Yelp


The people in the Park House range in age from 21 to as far up anyone will admit to. It isn’t a place for any identifiable type of people, race or ethnic background. The Park House is popular with most everyone from professionals to police officers and day laborers. Go twice and you will see many familiar faces… When you are in Pittsburgh, do as the Pittsburghers do and stop by the Park House for a hearty food, great conversation and good beer. —Eric M. on The New Colonist


Ah, The Park House. A true Northside gem. I’ve lived in Pgh for almost 10 years and hadn’t heard of this place until I started dating a Northsider. You’re really missing out if you haven’t been to this place. It’s a treat….  (read more of this great review)


The Park House has quickly become my favorite neighborhood nightspot to leisurely hang out with friends—talking, laughing, and getting to know my neighbors. It is a warm and welcoming place, where the owner makes an effort to know everyone’s name. The kind of neighborhood bar/restaurant that I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. The atmosphere is quaint, and the noise level is not too loud, so you can actually hear what people have to say.

The menu is a delightful and interesting mix of Middle Eastern, Vegetarian and bar fare with a twist. Everything I’ve ever eaten there has been delicious, and the price is right. I’d recommend the Sweet Potato Fries, the hummus, Falafel and Gyro. The kitchen is open late, and food is always served with a smile… Delicious, handmade Falafel, just the right amount of crispiness on the outside and moistness on the inside.

The hummus is wonderfully spicy and creamy. The Gyro is a twist on the traditional…onions are served carmelized, which adds a delicious sweetness to the sandwich…I would say it’s the best Gyro I’ve ever had! —Emlynn on Menuism


People come from all over for the Park House’s neighborhood vibe, even though it’s newer than the tin ceiling and toss-your-peanuts-on-the-floor vibe leads you to think. —City Paper Guide


My favorite North Side neighborhood bar…it really is the kind of place where everyone knows your name. Friendly staff, interesting patrons, old-school ambiance, good drink specials.

The food is excellent! Delicious hummus, burgers, falafel. I love the vegan avacado burger which is sometimes available on the changing chalkboard of daily specials, and I recommend you order the sweet potato fries on the side (yummy). Crab legs on Friday nights. —Yahoo contributor


The Park House:  The Best Bar in Pittsburgh’s Northside

Whether you’re a Pittsburgher or an out-of-towner coming for a game, The Park House is a great place to have a pint. The Park House is the perfect blend of old-fashioned décor and hospitality with modern amenities… (read more about this glowing Park House review…) — Guy Manningham:  City’s Guide for the Self-Sufficient Man


It’s clear that “Z” places a premium on craft beer… There are free popcorn and peanuts, and there is not a cover for the bands that play Friday and Saturday nights. This is one of the oldest bars in the city, and you get that sense from the tiled ceiling.

But enough about atmosphere… let’s talk about the beer list. I didn’t write down every draught offering, but on a recent Saturday night the options included: Oberon, Railbender, Peak Organic Pale Ale, Sunshine Pils and Green Flash IPA. If you’re looking to kick up the ABV a notch, you could choose from: Human Blockhead, Blackout Stout, or Unearthly IPA. A nice treat was the 30th Anniversary Flashback Ale from Boulder.

I certainly didn’t expect that kind of list at this kind of place. If I lived in the neighborhood, it would really be a toss up between the Park House and the Monterey Pub for my regular spot. — coachdonovan on



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