This week at the Park House December 12, 2011

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Tuesday December 13 @ 8:00PM… RADICAL TRIVIA!! with  JEREMY!! Test your knowledge and trivia skills and WIN $25 OFF!! your favorite yummy food & drinks  at the Park House!! RADICAL TRIVIA!! EVERY TUESDAY at the PARK HOUSE!!

Wednesday Dec 14 @ 9:00PM…  BLUEGRASS JAM!! …with LOST IN THE HOLLER !! Come listen or  join the jam… and kick back with YUENGLING DRAFT for $2.00! Bring yourself, bring your friends… ’cause BLUEGRASS is JAMMIN’ EVERY WEDNESDAY at the PARK HOUSE!!

Friday December 16 @ 9:30PM… JOHN GRESH’S GRIS-GRIS!! with Jimmy Adler, Bob Peckman and Mike Sweeney!! These guys are gonna lay down some awesome…  N’Awlins  Jazz, Rhythm and Blues!! Guaranteed good time at the Park House!!

Friday December 16 @ 8:00PM… 3rd Annual Holiday BrewHaHa!! With the holiday season upon us, it is time for this year’s CHANUKAH BEER vs CHRISTMAS BEER event!! In the Chanukah corner we have from New York… the Shmaltz Brewery… HOP MANNA!! and in the Christmas corner from Cleveland, Ohio… the Great Lakes Brewery… CHRISTMAS ALE !! For twelve (12) days we will keep a tally of which beer sells the most, and keep you updated on our website for up to the minute developments. The winner will be declared on December 28 at sundown!! Do your part… come help decide this year’s winner at the Park House!!

Tuesday December 20 @ 7:00PM… Chanukah begins…. join us for the 1st night candle lighting, playing dreidel….and if you are lucky, potato latkees!! We will be celebrating for 8 nights!! There will  be dreidels on each table with instructions on how to play the game and Chanukah gelt => Chocolate coins!!! this way you can eat your winnings (or your opponents)! So if you have one… bring your dreidel and/or  your jingle bells to the Park House and celebrate the holiday season!!

NEW BEERS: On draft from Texas… SHINER HOLIDAY, from Troegs… MAD ELF, from Great lakes… CHRISTMAS ALE, from Shmaltz brewing… HOP MANNA, and from Germany… FRANZISKANER. In the hold, waiting to be tapped… from Dogfish….120 min, from Erie brewing… OLD RED, from Florida… ART ROONEY IRISH RED ALE and many more too numerous to mention!!

Beer specials this week until they’re gone:


WORST “BOTTLED  BEER” SPECIAL~ Weyerbacher … HOP HARVEST ALE >>>$3.75 … I dare you to try it!!




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