This week at the Park House August 22, 2011

Posted by on August 22, 2011


Tuesday, August 23 @ 8:00PM…  RADICAL TRIVIA!! Come have fun and test your knowledge and wit. RADICAL TRIVIA is held every TUESDAY at the Park House!!!

Wednesday, August 24 @ 9:00PM…  BLUEGRASS JAM!! with special guests…  SHELF LIFE STRING BAND!! YUENGLING DRAFT BEER for $2.00 and SOFT SHELL TACOS for $1.00 each!! Bring an instrument and join in if you’d like, but definitely bring yourself, bring your friends and bring your friend’s friends…cause BLUEGRASS is JAMMIN’ at the Park House every Wednesday night. Heads up~> next Wednesday, August 31 we will be celebrating our one year anniversary of having bluegrass jam at the Park House!!! WooHoo!!

Friday, August 26 @ 9:30PM...The SOUL CRUSHERS: Meet a band that knows a thing or two about rocking out. This band blends a mix of old school rock ‘n roll and blues. But this ain’t your grandaddy’s blues! This type of blues comes complete with Jimmy Page-like guitar riffs and a harmonica as mean as the devil’s ex-wife. This combined infusion of two great genres is enough to…rock your socks off!!

Saturday, August 27 @ 9:30PM… Legendary Pittsburgh blues artist…  NORMAN NARDINI!! Norman Nardini is known as the “Manful! Handful”…cause he plays ruff. He’s the high priest from the church of rock’n roll. He can talk the talk, cause he paid the toll. He’s a man with no bling-bling, who calls himself the “Uncrowned King”. Is Ya Been Redeemed?

…. as always the shows are FREE!! like the peanuts and the popcorn!!!

NEW FOOD: The Mountaineer… a yummy sandwich~ piled high with hot PASTRAMI topped with melted swiss cheese & spring mix served on a toasted sweet onion challah roll!! It’ll make ya’ challah…..

….See ya’ at the PARK HOUSE!!!



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