This week at the Park House July 12, 2011

Posted by on July 12, 2011

Tuesday July 12 @ 8:00PM… RADICAL TRIVIA!! Come have fun and test your knowledge and wit!!Radical trivia will be held every TUESDAY!!

Wednesday July 13 @ 9:00PM…BLUEGRASSJAM!! With members of the SHELF LIFE STRING BAND!! We’ll have YUENGLING DRAFT for $2.00 and SOFT SHELL TACOS for $1.00 each!! Bring yourself, bring a friend, bring your friend’s friend…’cause bluegrass is jammin’ at the Park House on Wednesday night.

Friday July 15 @9:30PM… Dave Yoho’s YINZIDE OUT!! Open stage, featuring some of Pittsburgh’s talented musicians. Better come a knockin cause the Park House is gonna be rockin Friday night.

And as always the shows are FREE!! like the peanuts and the popcorn.

FOOD: For the month of July…SEARED AHI  TUNA STEAK on a challah roll…$9.00

PARK HOUSE NEWS: The  is the  proud sponsor of Deutschtown’s only soccer team…DEUTSCHTOWN UNITED. You can visit the Deutschtown united on facebook and see where and when the upcoming games are played. T-shirts wil be available to the public in two weeks.

That’s it for now till then…SEE YA AT THE PARK HOUSE!!



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