This week at the Park House May 16th, 2011

Posted by on May 17, 2011

ENTERTAINMENT: Wednesday, May 18 @ 9pm… BLUEGRASS JAM with the SHELF LIFE STRING BAND!! (Note: “Whiskey Bent Valley Boys” have a scheduling conflict and will not perform this Wednesday at the PH with the SLSB.) As always, we’ll have YUENGLING DRAFT for $2.00 and SOFT SHELL TACOS for $1.00 each!! What are you waiting for? Come on down and join the jam…or just enjoy the jammin’!!

Friday, May 20 @ 9:30 PM… Acoustic evening with the dynamic Northside duo…  MUSIC BY TWO!! has been cancelled.

Saturday, May 21 @ 9:30PM… A Park House favorite...the bluegrass band from Slippery Rock…WELL STRUNG!!! and special guest Shelf Life String Band!

FOOD NEWS: Only two weeks left in the month of May to savor our yummy not-toocreamy-curry chicken salad in a pita or on a challah roll. Better get it while you can…..

BEER NEWS: On tap~> from England’s New Castle brewing co…. SUMMER ALE, East End brewing co… PEDAL PALE ALE. A friendly reminder ~> Park House happy hour is from 6:00PM to 8:00PM Monday through Saturday, and on Sunday  from 10:00PM to midnight!!  … most craft and imported draft beers are $2.00 off their regular price….so come to the Park House and get happy :)!

PARK HOUSE MOSSAD CHRONICLES: Disaster averted at the Mossad Training Center (M.T.C.)…. Sunday May 15th… at the M.T.C.  in Wheeling, WV… down the street from Cabela’s (my favorite toy store).  A high ranking Mossad officer traveled from Israel to give a presentation and demonstration to the local mossad agents,trainees and invited guests. A few hours before the program, our guest speaker insisted that he needed a “Shure SM-58” for the presentation. We quickly looked through our arsenal of weapons and soon realized that we had nothing like this. Thinking that it must be the newest in weapon technology, we  questioned our guest about when and where the “Shure SM-58” was  manufactured. Luckily, yours truly, a mossad trainee with many connections in Pittsburgh, was able to meet a covert contact, who shall remain anonymous, to secure the Shure SM-58….and save the day and the presentation!  The senior Mossad officers were very impressed at the M.T.C.! { Special thanks to  A—- … you are now an honorary member of the mossad for your assistance with this mission! }




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