This week at the park House April26, 2011

Posted by on April 25, 2011

ENTERTAINMENT: Wednesday,  April 27 @ 9:00 ~> bluegrass jam special presentationwith the kings of TRASHGRASS from Cincinnatti, Ohio…   THE RUMPKEMOUNTAIN BOYS!!! Join us for an awesome evening of jammin’ and enjoy our bluegrass specials ~> YUENGLING for $2.00 & TACOS for $1.00 each!!!

Friday, April 29 @ 9:30 ~> the duo we’ve been waiting to hear…. TERRY & ALEX!!! All shows are FREE… like the peanuts and the popcorn!!!

NEW BEERS: From Sam Smith in bottles… ORGANIC CIDER !!  This great tasting apple-cider beer is…. gluten-free!!

Park House Mossad Chronicles: I reported to the Mossad Taining Center in Wheeling, WV (down the street from Cabela’s) on  Sunday …with a bad headache. That is when I learned this important piece of information from my Mossad training officer…  the first time medicine was ever mentioned in the bible occurred around this time of  year! No really….when G-d gave Moses two(2) tablets! Haha :)!   …… As I informed you last week in the post, the M.T.C.  hosted their first international secret service games.  My good friend, agent Shlomo…. according to his coach “M”… was one of the favorites to win the 100 meter freestyle swimming. Cameras were not allowed, but I was able to obtain an artist’s rendition of the race for your viewing pleasure! It was close, but Shlomo seemed to have an advantage…. go figure!

PARK HOUSE NEWS: We hope that our Park House loyalists had a nice Easter weekend and our Jewish customers are holding strong until Tuesday night… when Passover will end, and we can eat bread again…AMEN!




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