This week at the Park House March 29, 2011

Posted by on March 28, 2011

ENTERTAINMENT: Wednesday, March 30 from 9:00PM until midnight… BLUEGRASS JAM!! with special guest THE MOONLIGHTERS!! Come enjoy the music with  YUENGLING draft for $2.00 and TACOS for $1.00 each.

Friday, April 1… CHET VINCENT and members of the BIG BEND!!!, special guests: the LEGENDARY PARK HOUSE band and friends. Don’t be foolish & miss the show! … starts at 9:30PM …. all shows are FREE!!! like the peanuts & popcorn!!!

Thank you~ Shari Richards and Norman Nardini for a spectacular Saturday night at the Park House. I believe it was a first for legendary blues artist Norman Nardini on the Northside, but not the last!  We are looking forward to having them back at the Park House to perform!

NEW Park House Sign: Same design, just brighter… stop by and check it out! I’ve heard, that at night, you can see it glowing from Mt. Washington!

NEW Park House Hours: Monday thru Saturday~> 5:00PM to 2:00AM & Sunday~> 8:00PM to 2:00AM Full service kitchen Mon.- Sat. from 6:00PM to 11:00PM! Before 6:00PM & after 11:00 PM ~> serving fries and our yummy hummus and kibbe

NEW “Happy Hour” Hours: Monday thru Saturday~> 6:00PM to 8:PM  & Sunday~> 10:00PM to 12:00AM…. when ALL micro drafts and import drafts are $2.00 OFF!!

Park HouseMossad Chronicles: Many of you probably heard President Obama’s speech on Monday night about the USA’s non-military involvement in Lybia and ousting Gadhafi. What you probably don’t know is the role of the mossad in making this a reality!  At the M.T.C. (Mossad Training Center)…down the street from my favorite toy store…Cabela’s, agents were asked to create a special banner to send a clear message to Gadhafi…to leave!  This banner will be attached to the back of all planes patrolling the “no-fly zone” in Lybia. It is succinct and will be easy for Gadhafi and his militia to read. After 40 minutes and 40 seconds of mossad mind melding, they successfully came up with a coded message. However, in order to keep the message top secret until the precise moment that the military is ready to use it. I can only share it written in Hebrew code…..

….see ya at the PARK HOUSE



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