This week at the Park House March 22, 2011

Posted by on March 22, 2011

ENTERTAINMENT: Wednesday, March 23BLUEGRASS JAM…with special guest The Shelf Life!! As always, we’ll have YUENGLING DRAFTS for $2.00 and TACOS for $1.00 each. The JAM starts at 9:00PM and goes on until midnight!

Friday, March 25… NIK WESTMAN & THE CENTRAL PLAINS….show starts at 9:30PM!! ALL SHOWS ARE FREE!!!…like the peanuts and  popcorn.

Saturday, March 26…Come and celebrate the new Park House neon sign with an evening of BLUES!! with the talents of Pittsburgh blues artists NORMAN NARDINI & SHARI RICHARDS. Show starts at 9:30 PM

NEW BEERS: On draft from Rogue… BLACK LAGER, Peroni… NASTRO AZZURRO,  Shmaltz … ORIGIN,  & Brooklyn brewing co… PENNANT ALE.

NEW FOOD: For a limited time only… KIELBASA & CHEESE WEDGES in a PITA$7.00


NEW HAPPY HOURS: Mon – FRI 6:00PM to 8:00PM, SAT & SUN 10:00PM to 12:00AM

Park House MOSSAD chronicles: Despite the recent bombings  in Lybia, there is an ongoing dialogue between the USA and Col. Gadhafi of Lybia. Agents at the M.T.C. (Mossad Training Center) in Wheeling, WV….down the street from Cabela’s (secret agent “falafelmaster’s” favorite toy store….in the WHOLE WORLD) were able to intercept a conversation between President Obama and Col. Gadhafi. The part that we can reveal went as follows:>> Col. Gadhafi: President Obama… I had a wonderful dream about your country! >>Pres. Obama: Really?…. and what did you dream about?>> Col. Gadhafi: I dreamt that the USA was in TOTAL RUINS!!…people were angry, there were riots everywhere and they were shouting and waving signs and banners “Down with the USA!” ” Obama out”… was a great dream! >>Pres. Obama: I, too, had a  wonderful dream….about Lybia!->>Col. Gadhafi: Oh!?…..>>Pres. Obama: Yes! The people of Lybia were celebrating everywhere… Tripoli, Ben Ghazi… everywhere!  They were overcome with joy, dancing in the streets carrying banners and signs.>>Col. Gadhafi: Really? Celebrating? Dancing? Happy?…and what did the signs say? >>Pres. Obama: I don’t know….they were in Hebrew!….go figure!!! but the people were happy!!

…..see ya at the PARK HOUSE!!



  1. Bill J.
    March 23, 2011

    The “Hunky Pita” might get more bites……(forgive the play on words) …Enjoyed my Pita… it was good Z, thanks!! Bill

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