This week at the Park House March 1, 2011

Posted by on February 28, 2011

ENTERTAINMENT: Tuesday, March 1st… come celebrate Mardi Gras and enjoy your favorite brews at $2.00 off during  “Happy Hour” from 6 to 8!  Wednesday March 2nd… BLUEGRASS JAM with special guest THE ARMADILLOS!!! We’ll have YUENGLING draft beer for $2.00 and TACO special for $1.00. Friday March 4th… come hear the great sounds of blues and rock band THE RUMPSHAKERS!!!

NEW BEER: From Belgium… ST BERNARDUS, from 21st Amendment… MONK’S BLOOD, from Shmaltz… MESSIAH BOLD! JESUS!!…there are too many beers to mention!

NEW FOOD APPLIANCE: The falafelmaster (aka the Griddler) has a new griddle… fired up and ready to cook your favorite PH foods!

NEWS FLASH: Sunday, I was summoned  by my commanding mossad officer to appear at the M.T.C.(Mossad Training Centre)  in Wheeling, WV. I knew it was a very serious meeting because I was told NOT!! to stop at my favorite toy store (Cabela’s) and appear ASAP. Upon arrival, I was briefed on the latest  news about Muammar Gaddafi ~>  just confirmed that he’s not in his tent, but circling the Middle East in his  Boeing 747  in hopes that some Arab country will adopt the Libyan madman. Our wire taps picked up the radio signal from the Libyan airliner: “This is Libyan airways, we are circling the Middle East in search of any country (except Israel) to give refuge to Gaddafi.”  There was no answer…after several hours of monitoring, still no response… then “Mayday! Mayday!…this is Libyan airways…we have Gaddafi on board … he’s looking for a new home…we are running out of fuel and in danger of crashing….can any country help us?…even if it is Israel!” After a few minutes of radio silence there was a crackling answer over the radio… “Shalom, Libyan airways…this is Ben Gurion airport! We received your message…you are about to crash, right?… with Gaddaffi on board?” ” Yes we are out of fuel and Gaddafi is on board and we’re going to crash any minute… Please, can you help us?”….  “Shalom, Libyan airways, this is Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv…we’re ready to help you, but you must listen carefully and repeat everything we say! ”  “Agreed, just hurry!” Then the Israeli mossad agent said, “Ok … repeat after me… Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art……..”

SEE YA AT THE PARK HOUSE….where the food is always fresh and the news is cutting edge



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