This week at the Park House October 20th,2010

Posted by on October 20, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Wednesday October 20thBLUEGRASS JAM!! hosted by Joe Dep and the Park House Staff, It all starts at 9:00PM and ends at midnight. There will be YUENGLING DRAFT BEER for $2.00 and TACOS for $1.00. Friday October 22nd…THE BLUES ORPHANS will be performing at our beloved Park House. The Blues Orphans have been performing on the Northside for over 30 years. Saturday October 23rd….SLIM FORSYTHE AND THE PARKLANE DRIFTERS…it’s gonna be a hoot and a holler .So strap yer boots and put on your best western shirt cause you gotta look good on that long lost lonesome highway…..pilgrim!! All shows are FREE!! like the peanuts and the popcorn (courtesy of the Park House) and all shows start at 9:30PM and end at 12:30 AM.

NEW BEER(S): On draft from Brooklyn Brewing co…DARK CHOCOLATE STOUT and ready to be tapped…from Lagunitas brewing co…LITTLE SOMETHING WILD. From Boulder brewing co…NEVER SUMMER and many many more. A friendly reminder that  the Park House HAPPY HOUR  is from 6:00PM to 8:00 PM Monday through Sunday and ALL micro draft beers are $2.00 OFF!!!

UPCOMING EVENTS: Next Saturday  is Halloween eve. I the Falafelmaster will be dressed in a costume that night. Just to give you the heads up, SWEATTY BETTY will be performing that Saturday night…if you want to show up in a costume you have the Park House blessing to do so. Mark your CALENDARS…November 13th Cincinnati’s bluegrass sensation the RUMPKE MOUNTAIN BOYS will be performing at the Park House with the SHELF LIFE STRING BAND and on December 1st we will kickoff for the second year… our official HANUKKAH BEER VS CHRISTMAS BEER FESTIVITIES. Which beers will be competing this year is still to be determined. Thanks to the Shmaltz brewing co and the Pittsburgh shmaltz beer rep (that not be me!) we will have prizes and giveaways. The celebration will last for 8 days and we will keep a close tally of which beer sells the most..Last year Hanukkah came in second place. we hope to have Hanukkah Harry and Santa Clause here on the first day of the event.

That’s all for now…..SEE YA AT THE PARK HOUSE!



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