This week at the Park House October 5th, 2010

Posted by on October 5, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Wednesday October 6th BLUEGRASS JAM hosted by  JOE DEP and the Park House staff (The FALAFELMASTER and JANE B. in house hockey expert) and don’t forget the  $2.00 16 oz YUENGLING DRAFT and the $1.00 TACO SPECIAL. It all starts at 9:00 PM and DRINK, EAT, GROOVE,  JAM until Midnight. If you have a pulse and are NOT ABLE to do any of the above at the Park House….Please stay home!!.. cause you’re not alive.Friday October 8th.MATT TICHON..Matt used to be the lead singer and guitarist for the band BonJourney…..DON’T STOP!!….BELIEVING!!… I love that song. And  Saturday October 9th Sheila Liming’s Scottish band…CALLAN!! Don’t forget that the SHOW’S ARE FREE!! (courtesy of the Park House staff) and start at 9:30PM until 12:30AM. For future performances at the Park House please browse our calendar.

NEW BEERS ON DRAFT: from Founders….BREAKFAST STOUT, from Ithica…FLOWER POWER and from the Great Divide…YETI PORTER,and last Coney Island….SWORDSWALLOWER. In BOTTLES….finally after almost a two month hiatus..DUQUESNE BEER!! is back.

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND:The Falafelmaster is glad to announce the return of the PARK HOUSE CHILI.…just in time for cold weather and the chili even has it’s very own brand new kettle!…my daughter Rachel aka “little falafel” has worked very hard Sunday morning and a good part of Sunday afternoon preparing it for us. I must tell everyone that “little falafel” likes to make it a little spicier than usual. But it’s not quite as spicy as the Falafelmaster’s…..SPICY HUMMUS….HAHA.


Old way

On Monday the Falafelmaster took a small trip to Ohio (that’s west of here). Armed with top secret mossad information I was able to obtain a true PITA POCKET

bread for our beloved Park House (For a REALLY TRUE PITA pocket bread you have to go to Israel). Donning a steeler jersey disguised as a Yinzer from Pittsburgh, I met my contact and proceeded to load the entire trunk of  the falafelmaster’s (that be me!) favorite getaway car…(wait a minute!..that’s my only car..)

New way

with this great pita bread. Below you will see pictures of how the Falafel sandwich used to look like and how the new falafel sandwich looks…..That’s all for now…SEE YA AT THE PARK HOUSE



  1. Greg
    October 6, 2010

    Chili AND dollar tacos?! Yum yum. Can’t wait to try the pita too. Cheers.

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