This week at the PARK HOUSE September 21, 2010

Posted by on September 21, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT:Wednesday september 22nd BLUEGRASS JAM at the Park House hosted by JOE DEP and the Park House staff (the FALAFELMASTER (that be me!) and JANE B. …Inhouse hockey expert) There will also be YUENGLING 16 OZ draft beer for $2.00 and….TACOS for $1.00 each!!!(salsa and sour cream extra charge). Showtime for the BLUEGRASS JAM is from 9:00PM to midnight. Friday September 24th…an accoustic evening with THE JGT trio. Saturday September 25th…DAVE YOHO & the YINZIDE OUT BAND!!! Dave Yoho is a Northsider who has performed with many great musicians from the Pittsburgh area and Ohio. He performs at the Park House once a month with the BLUES ORPHANS a northside blues group that have been performing for 30+ years. Don’t forget all the Shows start at 9:30 PM and are FREE!!!

NEW BEERS: Are you ready for the list?..Here goes..on DRAFT (drum roll please!) from the 21st amendment co ..BACK IN BLACK IPA, from Spaten …OKTOBERFEST, from Erie brewing co..MAIBOCK, from Brooklyn..POST ROAD PUMPKIN ALE, from Long trail brewing co…LONG TRAIL ALE and many more. In bottles from California cider co…ACE PEAR  CIDER.

NEW FOOD ITEM:….EXTREME CHICKEN BURRITO a whole grilled chicken breast with spinach, shredded cheddar cheese, chopped onions and tomatoes rolled up in a tomato basil tortilla, garnished with sliced avocado served with salsa & sour cream.

PARK HOUSE HAPPENNINGS: I would like to thank funny guy/park house fan Rick S. for playing “Hava Nagila” for me on the music box. Thanks Rick! did you know that back in the seventies that was the #1 sing along in Catholic schools in South America? “Hey Jude” from the beatles was second. Last week was Daniel B. last week in the Burgh. He moved to Philadelphia( I tawt I taw an iggle) to join his sister Jessica. He used to work with his sister in my favorite coffee shop “Hoi Poloi”. The falafelmaster(that be me!) is going to miss the yummy veggie foods, and he needs to locate another coffee shop to stop by on Saturday mornings and yell “SHABBAT SHALOM” and practice his Jackie Mason shticks( i.o.w I’m looking for a place that will put up with my sh-t!). We wish Daniel and his sister all the best and come visit us soon. That’s it for now.




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