This week at the Park House September 7, 2010

Posted by on September 7, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Wednesday September 8th….BLUEGRASS JAM!!! at the PARK HOUSE..starting at 9:00 PM and featuring 16 oz YUENGLING DRAFT beer for $2.00. If you missed the BGJ last week all I can say is ….”It was friggin AWESOME!!”, and BGJ emcee Joe Dep

Joe Dep

did a Phenomenal job. FRIDAY September 10th Northsides favorite blues band …THE BLUES ORPHANS!!! will be performing at the Park House. Show time for the BLUES ORPHANS is 9:30PM. And the shows are FREE!!!.

SPECIAL EVENT: Just a friendly reminder….Thursday September 9th is the official start of the football season.Thursday is also Rosh ha shanah(Jewish new year)..say it 10 times really fast. We’ll be celebrating the new year  for a WHOLE WEEK with draft specials from the Shmaltz brewing co. We’ll have…REJEWVENATOR, MESSIAH BOLD and LENNY BRUCE…on draft, OY!!..what a selection! For those who REALLY want to get their “Shanah Tovah” groove on …from the Shmaltz brewing co…22 oz bottles of Rye India Pale Ale aged in rye whiskey barrels 10% ABV…LE CHAIM!!!.. to life!!

NEW BEER:.. REUTERS Tel Aviv…. The IDF’s  elite beer commando unit has successfully completed a mission (under the cover of darkness of course) at a brewery in lebanon. The lebanese brewery officials claim that one case of ALMAZA pilsner beer has disappeared from the brewery. No casualties have been reported by either side. The missing ALMAZA pilsner beer has mysteriously re-appeared at the Park House in Pittsburgh, Pa, in the middle cooler, top shelf  between Pilsner Urquell and Stella Artois, two bottles with friendly ties to ALMAZA pilsner.The falafelmaster denies any involvement with the operation….of course.

CONNOR PUCAS: The luckiest hombre at the Park House.Last week I had the honor of meeting Luke’s brother Connor. One year ago, Connor was doing some paleontology research in Kenya. Smack in the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere. While he was sleeping Connor was bitten by a king cobra and almost died. When I asked him how come he’s still alive he answered…TIMING is EVERYTHING!! Dude you should be on “I shouldn’t be alive”. One year later Connor’s arm is still black and blue and has a 1 inch scar from the bite to prove it..WOW!!

This Thursday will be Bobby G’s last night as a bartender…really!! If you would like to see his smile one last time I strongly suggest you come over and bring a camera with you cause after six months of intensive trooper training he won’t be smiling much and we wish him all the best.

That’s it for now…Shanah Tovah,,Happy New year!!….SEE YA AT THE PARK HOUSE



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