This week at the Park House August31, 2010

Posted by on September 1, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Wednesday September 1st is the start of the  Park House ..BLUEGRASS JAM NIGHT!! hosted by JOE DEP. The Bluegrass jam starts at 9:00 Pm and continues until 12:00 Am. Yuengling 16 oz draft beers will be the draft beer special  for $2.00 during the Bluegrass jam event.

BEER NEWS: Mark your calendar!!…Sept 9th is ROSHHASHANAH!!! (Jewish new year). The SHMALTZ brewing co and the Park House are happy to announce that for one whole week we will have the “REJEWVENATOR and the”MESSIAH BOLDas well as the “Lenny Bruce double IPA” on draft for $4.00 a pint. We will also be serving apple slices with honey so that ALL our fans and friends may have a happy and a Sa-weet new year.

PARK HOUSE NEWS:…PARK HOUSE OPEN MONDAY LABOR DAY!!!…… Congratulations to the Park House softball team! They clinched another trophy for our beloved  Park House….that makes it three winning seasons in a row. I heard it was a real nail biter at  Fineview field. The Park House team managed to win by one point. Did you know that  the  Park House is the only bar that managed to win a championship during it’s 7 month hiatus?… Long time Park House fan Collin is on his way to

England for 6 months. We wish him a safe journey. He better not come back with some funny accent..Hey Collin!!  In case your  reading this.. ….REPRESENT!!! …..There’s plenty to do at the Park House besides eating and drinking. Every table has a peg board game and the object is to eliminate as many pegs as possible until there’s only one peg remaining.If you have one peg remaining you’re a genius, two pegs…you’re smart, three… well..then… you’re  just plain dumb. Peg board game not your cup of tea?….BEHOLD!!! we have an old fashioned ..DART BOARD!! So…. no need to kvetch……SEE YA AT THE THE PARK HOUSE



  1. Lew
    September 1, 2010

    If you’re talking about Bluegrass Music, it is spelled as one word: Bluegrass (not two words as: Blue Grass.)

    “BLUE GRASS JAM NIGHT!! hosted by JOE DEP. The Blue grass jam starts at 9:00 Pm and continues until 12:00 Am. Yuengling 16 oz draft beers will be the draft beer special for $2.00 during the Blue grass jam event.”

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