This week at the Park House August 10, 2010

Posted by on August 10, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: This Friday the 13th…. Northsides most popular blues band the “BLUES ORPHANS”.And Saturday August 14th…. Northsides best bluegrass string band

The shelf life

“THE SHELF LIFE”. What more can the Northside ask for? I know that Friday is the 13th but it’s over at sundown…before Shabbat…isn’t that great? So it’s ok to come out of your dwellings AFTER sundown and come over to the Park House, sit back with a cold pint of beer and enjoy the music. Before I forget…the shows are…. FREEEE!!! Do you know what the SHELF LIFE STRING BAND and the FALAFELMASTER’S HUMMUS have in common?….We’re the only ones on the Northside in what we do and we’re pretty darn good!!

NEW BEERS:I don’t know what to say! The draft beers are poured so fast, by the time I write what’s on tap it may be gone.I can tell you what I have in the beer chest that’s ready to be tapped. COPPER ALE from Otter creek, OLD BROWN DOG from Smutty nose, SWEATTY BETTY from Boulder, JAVA VANILLA from Atwater, JAVA HEAD from Troegs, DIRTY BLONDE from Atwater, BLACKBEARY WHEAT from Long trail, STRAWBERRY WHEAT from Lancaster, BLUE BERRY from Bluepoint, LITTLE SUMPIN SUMPIN from Lagunitas, BIG HOP from East end and there’s more on the way.

FOOD: New food item at the Park House “PIMP MY PITA” just in case you forgot it’s a pita with melted Swiss cheese, hummus(your choice of spicy or house) with your choice of either spinach leaves or spring mix, chopped tomatoes and onions with avocado slices, basil pesto on the side… $8.50

The birth of "PIMP MY PITA"

That’s all for now Park House fans….SEE YA AT THE PARK HOUSE



  1. Randy Strothman
    August 11, 2010

    Clever idea with Pimp My Pita! Healthy too.

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