This week at the Park House August 3, 2010

Posted by on August 3, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: This Saturday August 7th the DAVE IGLAR BAND


The last time Dave and his band played here they rocked the Park House and gave a great entertaining show. I would recommend everyone to come and see and hear  for yourselves how much fun and entertaining the band is. Show starts at 9:30 PM and it’s… FFFFREE!!

NEW BEERS: In bottles we have from Duquesne bottling co DUQUESNE PILSENER BEER. On draft from Coney Island brewing co we have SWORD SWALLOWER LAGER. Also on draft from Blue point brewing co we have the SUMMER ALE. A friendly reminder that our HAPPY HOUR is DAILY from 6:00 to 8:00PM and ALL MICRO DRAFTS are $2.00 OFF!!

FOOD:NEW VEGGIE ITEM at the Park House…(drum roll please!)… PIMP MY PITA!!…No I didn’t smoke my own hummus when I came up with this one. Pita with hummus (spicy or house) with spinach, chopped tomatoes,  chopped onions and…….sliced AVOCADO!!!

Park House developments: There is going to be a sign-up sheet shortly at the Park House for a PARK HOUSE DART LEAGUE. We would like to thank Park House fan Dr. Pankaj for organizing it. Thank you Dr.

That’s all for now  and as usual we will …..see YOU at THE PARK HOUSE.



  1. Sam
    August 8, 2010

    Is this a nonsmoking place?
    What time are the bands?
    Thanks, Sam

  2. Zamir
    August 9, 2010

    yes – the Park House is non-smoking and the bands typically start around 9:30. Check out our Google Calendar to see more about upcoming shows – thanks!

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