This week at the Park House July 22, 2010

Posted by on July 22, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT: Friday July 23rd, Blues night at the Park House with Northsides Garth Asmussen and his band “THE USUAL SUSPECTS”.

Garth Asmussen

And on Saturday July 24th come to the Park House mon and have a good time with the Reggae sounds of the “FLOW BAND”. RED STRIPE beer will be on special Saturday night for the reggae bash and don’t forget  “Hey mon!!…you’ll always look beautiful holding a red stripe”.

Flow Band

Both shows start at 9:30PM and continue until 12:30 AM. All the shows are FREE!!…like the peanuts and the popcorn

FOOD: BACK!!!….by popular demand  The SPINACH VEGETARIAN patty served on a bed of spring mix with chopped tomatoes and onions and some spicy hummus. Also a new burger item called THE CHIEF!… half pound of angus beef with barbque sauce, cheddar cheese and 7 strips of bacon. And our new dessert item MARY’S SMORES.

PARK HOUSE DEVELOPMENTS: Ari went to Slippery Rock this past sunday and busted his tibia.That’s why it’s called…..SLIPPERY ROCK… Ari. We wish him a speedy recovery. Bobby G is back at the Park House bartending until he goes to the State trooper academy. And Park House bartender Jane B.who hails from Buffalo N.Y is nice enough to share with us a picture that she took of the devestation of the earthquake that has struck Canada and was felt throughout the northeast and her hometown in Buffalo N.Y. Till then…SEE YOU AT THE PARK HOUSE.



  1. Randy Strothman
    July 22, 2010

    Nice blog, Z. Fun as always. I love the Flow Band. Will try to make it.

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