This week at the Park House June 29, 2010

Posted by on June 29, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT this Saturday July 3 start your 4th of July festivities at the Park House with a  FREE SHOW!!! starting at 9:30PM an accoustic performance with folk singer/writer

JARROD DICKENSON.Jarrod Dickenson is an Austin-based singer/songwriter who lays bare his soul in every song he writes.Whether it is the gut-wrenching pain of heartache, or the hope of a brighter tomorrow, Jarrod’s songs have the unique ability of making you feel what he is feeling. One only has to listen to the raw emotion in his voice to know that Jarrod is not simply a fine story-teller, but also someone who has truly experienced that which he so powerfully sings of. You can listen to some of his songs on his myspace page

Jarrod Dickenson

BEERS on draft from the Shmaltz brewing co we have the LENNY BRUCE R.I.P.A and in bottles from the O’fallen brewing co HEMP HOP RYE…yes a malt beverage made with HEMP seeds…and it’s LEGAL. Also in bottles from Sri Lanka.. LION STOUT from Czech Republic.. CZECKVAR  and from Mexico.. NEGRO MODELO.

PARK HOUSE DEVELOPMENTS As of Monday July 5, 2010 the Park House will be open on Mondays regularly from 4:00PM to 2:00AM.

Park House Specials: TUESDAYS specials on IMPORT bottles, THURSDAYS specials on MICRO bottles and SUNDAYS…….PITCHER specials.Reminder that the Park House happy hour is daily from 6:00PM to 8:00PM when all MICRO DRAFTS are 1/2 OFF!!

The falafelmaster’s…WORLD CUP UPDATE I don’t know about anyone else but so far the USA team was the MOST ENTERTAINING team to watch. They delivered everything that we (that be us Soccer fans) could have hoped for. Coming from behind, tying the game and the Ghana game was great.We’ll see what happens in 4 years. Don’t forget our world cup DUTCH BEER special 16 oz ORANJEBOOM LAGER BEER. it’s lighter than Yuengling but stronger than Pabst blue ribbon for $3.50. The Dutch are going to play Brazil on Friday.Perhaps the noise of the vuvuzelas will keep Brazil’s holy samba spirit away.The Dutch only victory against Brazil was in 1974 when they beat them 2-0 in the semifinals to advance to the finals to play West Germany against Beckenbauer and co. HUP HUP HOLLAND!!!



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