This week at the Park House 5/18/2010

Posted by on May 19, 2010

LIVE MUSIC @ The Park House

Jeff Miller performs at The Park HouseThis Friday May 21 at 9:30 pm… Coming all the way from Nashville, The Park House welcomes JEFF MILLER. Best described as John Mayer minus the goofy facial expressions, his music is pop rock and upbeat . . . The show centered on Miller’s impressive guitar skills; he used a Boomerang device to record and loop different guitar and vocal patterns, allowing him to create multi-layered songs with much more interest than one simple melody or chord structure. Follow Jeff Miller and his music on his Myspace.

The Weathered Road performs at The Park House in PittsburghAnd on Saturday May 22 the Park House hosts THE WEATHERED ROAD. The Weathered Road is an on-going, constantly evolving project by Christopher Bell, Elizabeth Eddy and Stephen Geruschat. The name symbolizes the rite of passage when an artist chooses their path. Their music blends the genres of singer-songwriter, folk, traditional, Celtic, and Newgrass music to create a sound all their own— a sound they call AmericCeltic Newgrass. The music changes as the mood changes. Listen to The Weathered Road on Myspace.  Show starts at 9:30pm…

…and as always the shows are FREE!! like the peanuts and the popcorn.

FOOD.   Don’t forget that the Park House is the number one place on the Northside for hummus, falafel and other good tasty food items. And it’s ok to eat with your hands and lick the bowl, after all…we let you throw the peanut shells on the floor. See you at the PARK HOUSE.



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