This week at the Park House 5-11-2010

Posted by on May 12, 2010

John Galt Trio at the Park House

Sat.— John Galt Trio

WEEKEND ENTERTAINMENT! This week two free shows at The Park House. FRIDAY night May 14th starting at 9:30pm Northsides blues group BLUES ORPHANS who have been playing on the Northside for 30+ years.

And SATURDAY night May 15th… the JGT (John Galt Trio).  All shows are FREE!!… like the peanuts and the popcorn.

NEW BEERS !! The Park House has moved on up with the arrival of LAMBIC FRAMBOISE in 12 oz bottles and it’s served in our brand new state of the art martini glasses.And we are also carrying CHIMAY in 25 oz dinner bottles so bring a friend to share.

NEW FOOD!! has anyone ever tried a peanut butter & bacon wrap? Park House fan Rick has. And he approves. Has anyone tried a HBLT WRAP? It’s an acronym (big word, big word) for Hummus, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. Long time Park House fan Arthur has had it and “WOW!!” was his reply.

YOUR OPINION, PLEASE:  I the falafelmaster (that be me) needs your help in making a very important decision. I am thinking of MOVING our happy hour (1/2 off micro drafts) from the 5-7 pm hour to the 10 pm- 12 am happy hour where all the micro drafts will be half off !! “I” the falafelmaster would appreciate it if you were to email us back with your opinion on this matter just go to the web page ParkHousePGH.comgo to the contact page and please leave your message. Thank you so much and don’t forget to be a friend of the Park House on Facebook so till then…..see you at the Park House :)



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