This week at the Park House Feb 10th, 2010

Posted by on February 10, 2010


Hola, Park House LOYALISTS and Rising Regina music fans!

Rising Regina live here Saturday!

LIVE MUSIC Saturday 2/13/10

Saturday night join us for blue grass music by Rising Regina. Check out their sounds on their website.   They are AWESOME!!  The  show starts at 9:30 pm and like always, Park House live music is absolutely FREE!! Like the peanuts and popcorn.

So, take a break from the winter doldrums this Saturday night.  Come to the Park House and warm up with great music, yummy food, good friends, and an excellent selection of beers on tap and in bottles!

cozy after the Big Snow

“Snowmageddon” last weekend… Who would have thunk that I, the only Jewish tavern owner on the Northside, would be open during the snow crisis this past weekend… and on Shabbat to boot…OY!! Luckily, we were blessed with electricity at the Park House….thank G-d!

I would like to thank all of the Park House fans for being brave and coming out on a snowy Friday and Saturday to patronize the bar…to get warm….to eat & drink…to see a friendly face, …and even just to have someone to kvetch (Yiddish for ”complain”) to about the roads not being cleared.

A very big thank you to Park House bartenders…DEANA and BOBBY,…for being superfast and professional during the onslaught of customers we had on Friday and Saturday night. Also, a personal thank you to DEANA…for loaning the falafelmaster her Toyota SUV to get around the ‘burgh… so we could have provisions during the snow-pocalypse of 2010. It was good to see patrons from the Monterey Pub and Max’s at the Park House, too ….since those places were closed. Unfortunately, I have no way of thanking them soooo……if anyone knows any Monterey Pub or Max’s customers, please tell them the falafelmaster (that be me) says thank you!! and come again!!

See ya at the Park House



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